so simple, yet so beautiful…


Welcome and Thank You for visiting.  Here at Philip Siciliano Photgraphy we look forward to the opportunity in capturing something special just for you.  We like to think of it, as “FREEZING TIME.”

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The only thing we ask of our clients is that they, "Show Up." From here, We will take care of everything to ensure you are present during your special day.

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Not everyone is used to being in front of a camera. We make sure your comfortable and engage in an experience that will tell the story of your photos.

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Have fun, This day is about you and your significant other. Let the professionals do what they know how to do so you won't have to worry. Thats why we are here.

Elvis & Alex

Santa Fe, New Mexico WEDDING

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How would you describe your style of Photography?

Style is defined by the photographer them self. Imagine the ability to freeze time and capture that little what we like to call "in between." When taking a photo, the most important thing is, how will that picture become timeless?

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